Right To Carry Resources

If you would like to explore resources on the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, here are additional web sites that you might find helpful:

For Specific New Jersey Right-To-Carry Information visit the NJ State Police Website.

www.LMNC.org/lmcit/home.cfm for a briefing prepared by the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust. This 3 page document was sent to municipalities who receive insurance protection against liability from the Trust. The paper candidly outlines what this insurer believes are the obligations, liability risks, insurance coverage concerns, and policy recommendations for governmental entities regarding the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004.

For a draft of a “specimen policy” on this law prepared by Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE), the non-profit enforcement educational association, check in at www.aele.org/New.html. Of particular interest to retirees will be the recommended provision for a liability waiver that makes an ex-officer personally responsible “for all acts taken when carrying a concealed firearm”. The waiver includes a retiree’s signed agreement to indemnify the agency for any related damages it suffers.

The sample policy should be considered a “working document” subject to revision, says AELE’s executive director, Wayne Schmidt. At the AELE site you can also link to related articles, bulletins and documents, as well as the statute itself. This site also includes a recent memo from the U.S. Attorney General explaining how the law applies to current and retired federal officers. You can reach this document directly in Adobe Acrobat format at: http://www.aele.org/agmemo01312005[1].pdf