NJSP Update

Message below is from NJSP (Firearms Investigation Unit)

Please share with retired members:

Retired law enforcement personnel currently enrolled (or making current application) into the RPO Permit to Carry Program not contact/call our unit requesting an update or current status of their Permit. There is an over abundance of calls coming into the office where there is only one Supervisor along with one secretary whom are handling these matters.

Also, Hurricane Sandy along with shooting related incidents such as Newtown have increased the amount of RPO applications, along with ID card and Pistol Permit requests which are received in an exorbitant fashion/amount to this unit from local police stations, as well as the State Police Barracks throughout NJ. I thank you for your time regarding this matter.

A/DSG. Gene Hanemann #5706 (Firearms Investigation Unit/RPO Supervisor)

Keith Dunn
NJ State PBA